MEA Forensic offers everything from free technical support to hourly consulting services. We also maintain the English-language PC-Crash Wiki, the official global PC-Crash community portal. Browse the various options.

Free Support

Continuing MEA’s tradition of providing free technical support, you can contact us any time.  Email us your problem.  Attach your project file, if you wish.  We will get back to you within a week.

Note that, as of July 2020, MEA will no longer be providing free phone or email support of obsolete versions of PC-Crash (versions 10.2 and earlier). We will continue to support PC-Crash 11.0 and subsequent versions.
Support Email


Lots of PC-Crash questions can be answered right now with a few clicks.  Check out our FAQ.


911 Help

Actually, its more like 1-900.  For those times that you need an answer right now.  Pick up the phone and get immediate access to some of the best PC Crash users anywhere.  This isn’t outsourced tech support – the people you’ll be talking to use PC Crash in their own consulting work daily.  These are experts who teach the courses, and speak regularly with the developers.  If your PC Crash question just can’t wait, call.  We’ll set you up an account, and get your problem solved right away.

call: 1-800-565-3040