We’re In-Person Again!
After 3 years, we’re hosting not one, but two in-person events.

February  2023

Taught by PC-Crash’s Lead Developer, Dr. Andreas Moser, and Brad Heinrichs of MEA Forensic.
Learn from those who know PC-Crash the very best.

Two 2-day workshops
8am-5pm every day

Intro to PC-Crash (February 21-22)

  • Assumes no prior PC-Crash experience, but still useful for current users
  • Covers all the basics, from installation to animation
  • Learn or bolster your understanding of PC-Crash fundamentals

Expert Skills (February 23-24)

  • Increase your PC-Crash skills.  Assumes prior experience.
  • Varied topics, depending on attendee interest:
    • Working with point clouds
    • Incorporating EDR data
    • Reverse projection from video
    • Multibody simulations


Bell Tower Regional Community Center, 22232 El Paseo, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688