PC-Crash offers a lot for a reasonable price.
No costly subscription-based support or maintenance,
and upgrades are now more accessible than ever.

We want everyone to get a chance to use the latest version, even if they haven’t upgraded in years.


PC-Crash Pricing

   Number of Licences 
LicenceFirstSecond & ThirdFourth+
Upgrade to 13.0 from
11.1 to 12.0
10.2 to 11.0
10.0 to 10.1

Payment can be made by cheque, bank draft, Visa or Mastercard.
All orders must be pre-paid.
To order software, please call 1-800-565-3040 between
the hours of 8:30 and 5:00 PST, or email:

email sales

Sales tax and shipping extra.
Since we are working remotely, to expedite the order process, we recommend
paying by Visa or Mastercard as we will be unable to process checks in a timely manner.