Here are common questions and answers.
Feel free to get in contact if you encounter other issues.


Installing on Windows 11
1.  Disconnect the hardware key (dongle)
2.  Install the latest haspdinst.exe
(included with PC-Crash 13.0 – download here)
If these steps are not followed, you’ll get bluescreen.
Is there a trial version of PC-Crash?
There is no trial version of PC-Crash available. You can see PC-Crash in action in this demo video, and many other PC-Crash features videos here.
I just bought PC-Crash! How do I download it?
Follow the instructions in this PDF: PC-Crash 12.1 Dropbox Download Guide
How do I install PC-Crash?
Review this PDF – PC-Crash 13.0 Installation Guide
Does PC-Crash have hardware requirements?
Yes. Generally, you want a discrete graphics card (rather than integrated), and lots of RAM. PC-Crash is Windows-only: Mac or Linux users need to run a VM.

    Recommended hardware (2020):

  • 64-bit processor and Operating system
  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • 16 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX1660 6GB or comparable
  • DirectX version 12
  • 40 GB available Hard Drive space
I don’t live in North America, can I still purchase a license from pc-crash.com?
No. We (pc-crash.com) are the North American distributor for PC-Crash and can only sell to customers in North America. If you are outside of North America, please purchase PC-Crash directly from the developer DSD or you may check the list of representatives for a distributor near you. 
Installation did not complete all components
Run the installer for the missing component from your installation media. For example, YOUR_MEDIA:\PC-Crash 11.0\DISK1\VCRedist has executables which will install the required Visual C++ libraries.
I get a “missing DLL” error.
1. Reinstall PC-Crash
2. Please ensure all the necessary prerequisites for PC-Crash were installed correctly. Insert Disk 1 and run the set up again. A “Prerequisites” window may pop up and you will be able to check which prerequisites are required and installed.
My dongle does not light up when inserted in my computer.
The USB port is not working or may broken; please try different USB ports on the computer, preferably not one on a USB hub or extension cable. If you suspect the dongle is broken, please contact sales@pc-crash.com.
I have the message “Error at loading…. No DLLS were found in the Waterfall Procedure”.
GoPro Studio sometimes creates a conflict. To fix, browse to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and then remove these files:
– ippcore-6.1
– ippj-6.1
– ippjw7-6 .1
– IPPS-6.1
– ippvc-6.1
My program is running in “Demo Version” and the message “Demo version! The evaluation time limit is elapsed. From now on no further calculations can be performed” appears
– Please ensure your dongle is inserted in a working USB port.

– Try different USB ports on the computer, preferably not one on a USB hub or extension cable.

– If your dongle is blue, please ensure you are running the 32-bit version of PC-Crash. If you would like to run the 64-bit version of – PC-Crash and currently have a blue dongle, please contact sales@pc-crash.com to upgrade to a 64-bit dongle.

– If your dongle is blue and you are running Windows 10, you’ll need to running these drivers.  These are not included on pre-Windows 10 versions of PC-Crash.
Windows 10 Driver

– Download the  latest license files, and install them as detailed in the PC-Crash 13.0 Installation Guide

– Your dongle drivers may not have installed correctly. If you are unsure whether you have the correct drivers installed, please Review this PDF – PC-Crash – Dongle Reinstall

It seems like updating never works. It always rolls back the update.
The Updater caches files. If files were corrupted on download, the Updater can encounter the same error over and over. To fix:
– Browse to the following hidden folder, where USER is your profile, and XX.x is your PC-Crash version number: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Temp\updater_temp_PC-Crash XX.x

– Delete the most recent subfolder

– Try the Updater again

All I have are European vehicles.
Use the provided SPECS database instead.
– Go to File > Default Settings.

– Change the Vehicle Database directory to the SPECS folder in your PC-Crash program folder.

I can’t find the DirectX vehicle shapes.
Please ensure you have installed all the provided PC-Crash installation disks. PC-Crash version 11.0 includes three installation disks; PC-Crash versions 10.2 and earlier include two installation disks.
The vehicle I’m looking for does not exist in the DirectX database.
PC-Crash does not have every make and model but is continuously being updated with every new version of PC-Crash. If you are running one of the earlier versions of PC-Crash and would like to upgrade, please contact sales@pc-crash.com.

You can also get custom 3D models. If you send us a 3D model in a standard format (OBJ or WRL preferred), we can convert it for use with PC-Crash. Please allow a few days for the conversion to be completed.

My Vehicle database doesn’t have the latest model year.
Download this SPECS update, and unzip to the SPECS subfolder in your PC-Crash program folder. 
I want to buy PC-Crash so that I can sell it. Is there a reseller discount?
If you are interested in becoming an authorized distributor, please contact the developer (DSD) directly. 
Are upgrades mandatory?
Updates are free, and upgrades are not required. PC-Crash had historically annual releases of new versions. Previous versions continue to work without upgrades, but PC-Crash is not forward-compatible, so older versions cannot open project files made with newer versions.
Upgrades are prices are here.
My drop-downs are blank (e.g. Follow Path Vehicle or Simulation Time Increment
Resetting the Ribbon usually fixes this.
– Right-click in the blue area next to the menus. Click “Customize”.
– Click on the Ribbon tab.
– If you have customizations, you’ll want to Export them before resetting.
– Click the Reset button.
– You may need to restart PC-Crash.
You can reload your customizations with the same Import/Export button in the Ribbon Customization window.