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June 20, 2023

PC-Crash 14.1 New Features
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  • New multibody shapes and engine
  • Custom map sources
  • Geotagged images
  • Time-varying light sources
  • Enhanced camera flight

Nov 29, 2022

Super Scenes
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  • Geolocation & lighting
  • Building scenes with point clouds
  • Mapping evidence from photo and video
  • Adding 3D objects for realism
  • Shadows, reflections and more

July 20, 2022

PC-Crash 14.0 New Features
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  • Automatic, geolocated scenes
  • Velocity sequence tables
  • 3D camera matching using parallel lines
  • MUSIAC guardrail/barrier impacts
  • Active Safety turning assistant

July 13, 2021

PC-Crash 13.0 New Features
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  • Two-wheeled driver model
  • Backwards trailer simulation
  • High-resolution screenshots
  • New 3D assets
  • Machine learning severity estimates

June 3, 2021

Using Video Data
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  • Frame correction
  • Camera matching
  • Animating over background images
  • Animating over background video
  • AVISynth

April 22, 2021

Using EDR Data
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  • Importing EDR data
  • Kinematic vs Kinetic simulations
  • Comparing severity data with PC-Crash velocity changes
  • Accounting for sensors that aren’t at the vehicle CG

Feb 25, 2021

Tips & Tricks
Lovely shortcuts you might not find yourself.
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  • Combination keys to speed work
  • Use Views to your advantage
  • Switch simulation modes and combine multiple simulations.
  • Improve vehicle drawings
  • Sequence tricks
  • Use Vehicle-Based Impact Parameters to simplify your life

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