PC-Crash is technical software for serious users.
It’s powerful and gives you a lot of freedom, so that you can simulate unique events.
It therefore necessarily leaves you the option to make a mess.
Don’t let yourself do this.


Live Workshops


Sometimes you need to carve out some time dedicated to learning. Come to our live workshops to meet the Lead Developer of PC-Crash, Dr. Andreas Moser, and/or Brad Heinrichs of MEA Forensic. Work through new features and case studies with them. Ask those questions that have always nagged at you. Great new features sometimes originate from these in-person exchanges.

Live workshops are the best way to interact with PC-Crash experts and other users. They are reasonably priced, and we have T-shirts.

Demo software is available at live workshops – register early to get it installed before the workshop. Los Angeles Workshop

Los Angeles 2020

Training on Demand


“Wait, can you do that again?” is the most frequently asked question at our Live Workshops. With Training on Demand, you are in the driver’s seat: You choose what topics to cover and when to cover them. Stop the lesson and replay whenever you like. On-Demand training lets you take training on your schedule at a very reasonable price.

Our On-Demand courses are each broken into smaller videos for easy replay. Take a whole course or brush up on a topic in just one of those chunks. Any PC-Crash materials used in each course are available for download from the course rental page so you can follow along.

More courses are being added all the time, so check back often. Sign up here to be notified when new videos are posted, or follow us on LinkedIn or Vimeo.

Demo software is not available for

Video Training on Demand

Course Series


Essentials: Everything you must know to use PC-Crash.
Expert: These courses still show what the program can do, and how do you do it, but go beyond the Essentials.
Theory: Digging into how PC-Crash works, and comparing with analytical results. Call it “Cross-examination proofing”.
Skills & Validation: Reconstructing staged collisions, rollovers, and human interactions. Looking at errors, sensitivity and engineering judgment issues.
Coding: Driving PC-Crash through VBA. Programming Active Safety Systems.

Details & Pricing