My program is running in “Demo Version” and the message “Demo version! The evaluation time limit is elapsed. From now on no further calculations can be performed” appears

– Download the  latest license files, and install them as detailed in the PC-Crash Installation Guide.  Ensure that the license files get installed to the correct folder, eg C:\Program Files (x86)\PCCrash141.  Don’t accept the default destination of C:\Program Files (x86).

– Please ensure your dongle is inserted in a working USB port.

– Try different USB ports on the computer, preferably not one on a USB hub or extension cable.

– If your dongle is blue, please ensure you are running the 32-bit version of PC-Crash. If you would like to run the 64-bit version of – PC-Crash and currently have a blue dongle, please contact to upgrade to a 64-bit dongle.

– If your dongle is blue and you are running Windows 10, you’ll need to running these drivers.  These are not included on pre-Windows 10 versions of PC-Crash.
Windows 10 Driver

– Your dongle drivers may not have installed correctly. If you are unsure whether you have the correct drivers installed, please Review this PDF – PC-Crash – Dongle Reinstall